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Casual lunch in English – networking outside work

Casual lunch in English – networking outside work


Lean in Tokyo holds a small meet-up on a biweekly basis, to support women to take a step forward. We have all coming up events information on Lean in Tokyo FB page. Please check them out. You will find your favorite topic 🙂

(photo: Fun Saturday lunch time! Four of members are their first time to come to Lean in Tokyo events.)

At the meet-up, we talked about following topics.
– Work, Hobby, Lean in book
– How to keep and improve English fluency in Japan
– What are the main differences that women encounter while working in Japanese companies and international companies

About the last topic, the main differences between Japanese companies and international for women, our group had three people working for Japanese companies and three working for international.
Following are thoughts we have towards two kinds of companies.

– Japanese company
“There is no female manager in the sales department because of long hours working. Women in sales need to move to other departments for keeping their career when they raise children”
“Male workers get promoted much faster than female workers. However, now my company tries to make female workers get promoted faster than male workers do in order to increase the number of female managers. It’s changing.”

– International company
“There is not much difference in getting promotion between men and women”
“Many people are aware of gender bias, equality issues and so on. I think people caring about those issues in the work place make me feel comfortable to be at work”

We had a great time to share our work experiences, lean in, and how to keep the English ability as well!

If you are interested in bi-weekly meet up. Please join our events 🙂
Looking forward to meeting you!

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